Dr Ward

Dr. Darcy Ward's passion for animals began at an early age. In pursuit of this passion, Dr ward achieved a bachelor's degree in Horsemanship in 1995 from Virginia Intermont College. Dr Ward continued her education by enrolling in chiropractic college in St. Louis, Missouri in 1996 and received her doctorate of chiropractic degree in 1999.

While in chiropractic college, she participated in an internship with Dr. Lucy Whyte Ferguson, one of the head instructors for Janet Travell's myofascial release seminars on trigger point therapy. Following graduation in 1999, Dr. Ward began practicing with Dr. Lucy Whyte Ferguson in private practice in Taos, New Mexico. It was at this time that she also began assisting in the teaching of the myofascial seminars for UNM Continuing Medical Education Department. She continued refining her myofascial training and expertise under Dr. Ferguson, treating complex muscle and joint conditions.

In 2008 Dr Ward graduated from Options for Animals, College of Animal Chiropractic and received her certification from the IVCA (International Veterinary Chiropractic Association). Since then, Dr Ward has built a succesful animal practice, using her knowledge and expertise of chiropractic care and myofascial release techniques to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems for dogs, cats, and horses.

Dr Ward lives in North Carolina with her husband, daughter, son, a Jack Russell, and a Beagle. In her spare time she loves gardening, reading, riding horse, and Argentine tango.

Additional Resources:  http://greensborochiropractor.com